Keep your delivery
drivers connected

Just Eat POS’s Driver App shows you where your drivers are and gives them all the information they need to deliver on time

How can the Driver App help your business?

Real-time updates

Drivers will get a push notification and an SMS to let them know they have a new order. If there’s a problem with the delivery, drivers can contact the restaurant and the customer with just a few taps.

One, integrated system

All you do is assign your driver from the EPOS and the rest is sent to them automatically. All the order items and notes are in the Driver App, making it a smooth, paperless transition from kitchen to customer.

Track your deliveries

You’ll know exactly where your orders are, and your drivers will know what orders they have coming up. You can track their location, so they no longer need to pull over and call you if a customer is asking about their order.

Make managing drivers easier

All you need to do to get started is download the app and login with your Just Eat POS credentials. Drivers can clock in and out from the app and it even calculates how much cash to put into the register at the end of the shift.


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